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STEP ONE:   Obtain a domain name,  i.e. YourWebsiteBiz.com  (JAF price-  $10.00)
STEP TWO:   Get a Hosting Service. (JAF price - basic package  -  $10.00/mo.)
STEP THREE:  Website development  (JAF services start as low as $395.00.)
          For that, you get:
                 *  Design Your Logo
                 *  Unique Page Graphics Design
                 *  Drop down menus or CSS style sheets with links
                 *  Animated Gif's and images (Graphics)

                 *  Calendar and Site Map

                 *  YouTube links (Optional)

                 *  Search functions
                 *  Contact form and Google map locations
                 *  Flash designs available
                 *  FTP ability to upload and post to hosting server
                 *  Search Engine Optimization 
 Maintaining your website. 
                   JAF can teach you to maintain your site in as little as four hours. ($25.00/hr)  
                   or we will make corrections and changes to the site for $25.00/hr.
Options Available:
                 *  YouTube links
                 *  FTP servers available.
                 *  Shopping carts layout (Additional Cost -Optional)

We will work with your business until you are satisfied with the final product....

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